Badfish in Africa

"The Botulism Sessions"

Recorded initially at Crystal Records in Taipei and then later in some big ass digital studio, Botulism was the result of everyone in the band writing songs, lots of Taiwan Pi-jou, street vendor spicey crab legs and nothing better to do. Tim Cunnigham produced and the boys were boys.


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Bonus Tracks

*Rare early studio sessions (click to listen)

But I Was Dead
El Diablo's Smile
The Funniest Thing
Helium Head
The Price She Paid
What's Wrong Remains the Same
Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground cover)


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Mamma Bit it's Head OffAmerica's GreenWhat's Wrong Remains the SameEl Diablo's SmileHelium HeadThe Price She PaidThe Funniest ThingMind on HoldA Walk Through the RuinsBut I Was Dead